Happy Hour

Have a pint and a chat with a few friends

Happy Hour Drink Specials

Monday through Friday 11am to 6pm

Downtown Tuscaloosa’s spot for draft beer and drink specials

If you’re looking for an Irish pub with cold draft beer, a sport bar environment that also offers outdoor bar seating, look no further. Come checkout one of the best sports bars in Tuscaloosa has to offer.

Our Specialty Drinks

Freemosa - champagne, orange juice, Triple Sec & Sprite

Manmosa - Blue Moon, Orange Vodka, Orange Juice

Irish Mary - Bloody Mary Mix, Vodka, Olives, Peppers, Bacon

Sabanade - Drink of Champions

Irish Mule - Our own spin on a Moscow Mule! Jameson Whiskey, Ginger Beer, Soda & Lime

Pink Lemonade - Smirnoff Raspberry Vodka, Smirnoff Citrus, Lemonade, Grenadine

John Daly - Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka, Lemonade

Salty Dog - Smirnoff Ruby Red Grapefruit Vodka, Grapefruit Juice

Irish Coffee - Coffee, Jameson Whiskey, Irish Cream 

Domestic Beer

30A Beach Blonde
Bud Light
Coors Light
Henry’s Hard Soda
Michelob Ultra
Miller High Life
Miller Lite
Pabst Blue Ribbon
Rolling Rock
Shiner Bock
Sierra Nevada Pale Ale


Frontera Chardonnay
Cavit Pinot Grigio
Frontera Cabernet Sauvignon / Merlot
Cavit Pinot Noir
Freixenet Champagne

Imported Beer

Amstel Light
Corona Extra
Corona Light
Dos Equis
Red Stripe